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Welcome to Ricky Green Custom Saddles and Tack. Ricky is the second of three generations of leather crafters and saddle makers. Along with his dad, Ray, and his son, Ty, plus his own 32 years of experience, combined they have over 75 years in the saddle and tack business.

Since he made his first saddle over 30 years ago he has worked to make a saddle that fits a horse and the person. By modifying the bars and the ground seat he has designed a tree that sets you closer to the horses back and allows you to feel your horse and your horse feel you. Being a cutting horse trainer himself also, has given him a chance to use his own saddles, watch his Non-Pros and Amateurs and make changes that give the horse and rider every advantage in the show pen.

Using only the highest quality material, custom hand made trees and enough oil to give them a dark, rich color and soft supple feel, I am sure he can build you a saddle you will be glad to own.

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